Visualize unlocked pairs

I’m working on several Masters and many times for some changes I forget to update some kerning pairs, then it is a bit difficult to know exactly which are unlocked.

Will there be a way to know which appear unlocked kerning pairs without having to check one by one? or generate a color mark with a script?

Thanks in advance!

In my GitHub repository, there is a script called Display Unlocked Kerning Pairs. It opens a new tab and shows all unlocked pairs for every master.

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Great Tosche, many thanks!
It works perfectly, very useful.

You could also check the kerning panel, All pairs without a “@” are exceptions (if you have groups assigned for all glyphs).

Many thanks Georg! Great tip. You clarify my doubt with the @ sign in the kerning window.

By the way, I’m glad you and Tosche were able to help me with that issue. Long live Glyphs and it’s friendly forum!


Georg, the exceptions are the ones that also has group values (the ones that are unlocked). Individual glyph pairs may be exceptions, but they may not have a group, or padlock, in the first place, so just looking at kerning window doesn’t give you enough information on that (I’m not saying the UI is flawed). My script picks the pairs that overrides group values as far as I remember.

I know that not all entry without an @ sign are exceptions but it is a good enough overview.