Wacom-problems (bug)

I use a Wacom.

I zoom in using Space+Cmd and then clicking on the pen.

Just when the zooming is finished and I let go of Space+Cmd I expect the normal tool to be active again, just like it is in every other app, and also with a mouse.

But it’s not, I have to re-select the Pointer (or any tool inside Glyphs( to be able to continue working, otherwise it will just continue zooming.

Could you please look into this, it’s quite frustrating.

I’ll see what I can do. I have a small bamboo. Lets see if it causes the same problem.

Yes, I told George on AtypI the same. I get mad with it. But in build 823 seems to be correct, is it?

I didn’t had time to look into this, yet.

sorry, false alarm. it is still not working! sorry

Yes, same problem here still. Quite annoying, if you could fix this Georg it would be super!

bumping this topic, I actually logged in to report the exact same thing in a new thread.

I’m on a Wacom Intuos4 (PTK-440), driver 6.5.15-3, macOS 10.11.5, and glyphs 2.3.1 (902).

Since I updated to Mac Sierra I have a really hard time with Glyphs and my Wacom tablet. Especially Shift + click and Right-click is not working properly. Anyone else experienced this?

That is a Sierra bug. The Finder has the same problems. I do have a wacom for testing right now and already fixed a small bug but there seems to be a bigger problem.