Warning on running a script for generating fonts

While running a given script to generate fonts I got this

❯ ./build.sh
Generating static fonts
INFO:fontmake.font_project:Building master UFOs and designspace from Glyphs source
INFO:glyphsLib.classes:Parsing “XXXXX.glyphs” file into
WARNING:glyphsLib.builder.axes:Instance user-space location (400) redefined by ‘2’
INFO:fontmake.font_project:Building variable font …/fonts/ttf/XXXXX.ttf
fontmake: Error: In ‘XXXXX.glyphs’ -> ‘master_ufo/XXXXX-Regular.designspace’: Generating fonts from Designspace failed: Can’t find base (neutral) master in DesignSpace document

Can you help me?
I substituted the font name by XXXXX, because of the DNA

That seems to be a fontMake problem. Maybe better to ask on the glyphsLib forum?

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where is the forum?

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