Warnung! file changed outside of glyphs

I often get a warning dialogue, saying something like: the file has been changed outside of glyphs, while I’m working on it. I can then choose between “keep” or “reload”.

the warning pops up about five times in a row. after that, when I save to a new file, then close the file and reopen it, all changes are lost.

any ideas?

What is your ‘Use Versions’ settings in the preferences?

I had this happen to me once, but no data loss. And after clicking it away, nothing happened and I could continue normally. Could not reproduce it since then.

I have disabled the version behavior. It's only of late that this happened more often and yesterday it was once every half hour.

I have the latest version of glyphs, Version 1.4.5 (612)

any news on this issue?

It doesn’t matter weather I use glyphs 1 or 2. The dialogue still pops up. It happens everytime after I saved to a new file, that means a lot… I save my files as ufo’s, that said

I cannot reproduce it. Are you on OS X 10.10 or on 10.9?

10.10.1 that would be. I now changed from saving to .ufo to saving to .glyhps... this seems to have helped.

also, I save in to my dropbox folder. this might be a source of error as well. though I disabled sync for the past days…

I save into Dropbox and Copy.com folder most of the time. So that cannot be it.

Did you have the file open on multiple machines, maybe?

no, just on my laptop.

What happens if you save to a regular folder, like the Desktop?