Wavy watery randomizer plugin. does it exist?

Hi, so I have this very basic typeface and my question is, if there is any tool, that could help me make it look more like this?:

This is a photoshop edit and what I want is to have my typeface more wavy and watery as it is under the water…

Thank you for your suggestions!!

If you can generate it in Photoshop, trace it in Illustrator and copy paste it back to Glyphs.

wow, that sounds a bit more complicated than I thought, but will try it, thank you!

I think Fontlab 5 has a filter similar to Illustrator’s Effect>Warp>Flag.

If you applied that, flipped the glyphs 90 degrees and applied it again, you would get that kind of effect, but not randomized.

Or use the Illustrator effect and paste into Glyphs :slight_smile:

Edit: Or you could make it look a bit more random by setting different angles on different glyphs.

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Thank you, will try it!