Way to add caps for offset path?

I’m working on a font for a client where they’ve started off with a stroke font, for reasons in their original design concept, the spacing is based off the stroke, therefore it would be easier for me to simply keep it a stroke font until export. But the problem is now offset path doesn’t add a cap, is it possible some other way to offset path with a simple square cap?

I think I found a hack to achieve this by using noodler (I don’t know how to edit this filter to add a square instead of a circle unfortunately…) then add corners.

There is a plug-in that does exactly that. It’s called Add Caps. Read its GitHub readme for instructions.

Thanks but that seems like it’s only for situations where the cap can be added at fairly consistant places, rather than simply at the end of a stroke. I managed to edit the Noodler plug in in the end.