Web font not retaining kerning values

I have set my metric values for the typeface and also used kerning values imported from IND Optical Kerning tool. When I use the exported .otf file in InDesign the kerning values are retained however when I view these online it appears they have been lost and all the spacing is off.

See contrast between IND version and web version in screenshots below (e.g. ‘Designed’ ‘2015’ ‘2018’):

Not sure if I am doing something wrong when exporting the .woff or perhaps it is an issue with the site I have built? Website here: williamlyall.co.uk/pm-grotesk



The webfont is not loading for me at all. How did you export the woff? Directly from Glyphs? Then the kerning is in the font. Then either your website is not set up right or there is something else wrong with the file.

And just importing the optical kerning from Indesign is not a good idea. The idea of the script was that you could manually add kerning in Indesign and then copy it to your .glyphs file.

And word “Designed” doesn’t need any kerning. So you might need to fix your spacing?

Exported directly from Glyphs so I assumed the kerning would have held fine. Perhaps there is an issue with the website displaying the web font and I will contact another support in regards to this.

I used the script to manually adjust kerning and copy this to the glyphs file too. But ran multiple tests with either optical or manual kerning and neither made a difference.

Most likely fix for this will probably be due to the way the web font is displayed online rather than the export of the file?