Web Font Rendering Bug in Chrome

Hi! I’m new here. Some questions of web font.

I have exported my font as OTF, but when I use it for web, the rendering in Chrome seems strange. Some nodes disappear, and the shape is squeezing. Yet it works good in Safari. I just wonder how it happens, hoping someone could figure it out for me. Thanks a lot!

( Using Glyphs 2.4.1, newest Chrome, MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 )

Did you check the path direction?

Thanks! I have corrected the path direction and re-exported a WOFF file, but it still didn’t work in Chrome.

Can you send me the font, the glyphs and the html file?

I had a look at he file. The font is fine. But you put it in a <h1> tag and that makes it a fake Bold. Add a font-weight: normal; to the h1 tag in your css.

It works. Thank you so much!