Web Strategy Vertical Metric and Vertical Metric Manager not working?

Hi all,

I’ve re-read through the Vertical Metric Tutorial again today and found that the calculation of the vertical metric is quite different than what I read a few years back. So, I’d like to make sure I understand correctly and catch up with the new way of doing things. If you guys can have a quick look and let me know, I’d appreciate it very much.

I used the “mekkablue report highest and lowest script” and the highest is 970, and the lowest is -230.

So I’m trying to apply this to the Web Strategy Vertical Metric on the tutorial:

  1. winAscent = vertical maximum round this value up = 970 (Does the vertical maximum mean the highest point of glyphs?)
  2. winDescent = vertical minimum (positive value) round this value up = 230 (Does the vertical minimum means the lowest point of glyphs)
  3. typoAscender = hheaAscender = 970 (Is it ok to use the same amount as the winDescent if I’d like to keep glyphs such as “lacute” and “hcircumflex”.
  4. typoDescender = hheaDescender = 230 (the lowest point is the descender of y)
  5. typoLineGap = hheaLineGap @ 20% of typoAscender (970) + typoDescender (230) = 240
  6. Font Info > Font > Custom Parameters: Use Typo Metrics = yes

Also, I’m trying to run the script “Vertical Metrics Manager”, but there was nothing happen. No Macro window popped up or anything. Not sure what I did wrong.
Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 2.50.54 AM|690x210

The highest point in any exporting glyph. The bounding box maximum.

typo and hhea descenders should be negative numbers. So: –230.

The typo/hhea values are for positioning the letters vertically, not for clipping (=cutting off). So, setting them higher does not help you ‘keep’ lacute and hcircumflex. IOW setting them lower than the bbox max should not affect clipping, but will simply move the line up. Think about centering a word on a button o a box. In Latin typography, I would typically try and center the cap height, perhaps plus a little space below and above.

Why 20%? 240 seems a lot, but depends on the design. Half of the value becomes padding in a div or on a button, so 120 extra at the top and 120 extra below. Also: Does it make sense for extra line padding in TextEdit and Word? Again, depends on the design, but probably not since the other values are already comprising the complete bbox.

Which app version? Which error message in Window > Macro Panel?

Telling fom the screenshot, I assume you do not have the latest version of the scripts. In Glyphs 3, make sure you install the mekkablue scripts through the Plugin Manager.

Hi Mekkablue,

Thank you so much for your reply. Now I understand the vertical metric better. I use the 20% typoLineGap as a starting point and will likely adjust it after I exported the font and see how it appears on applications. I will definitely keep in mind your feedback.

Regarding the Vertical Metrics Manager, I’m using Version 2.6.6 (1352). I’m afraid to upgrade to Glyph 3 in the middle of a typeface design project.

I redownloaded the script again today using the Git method you recommended on the page and follow the youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6ly16Q0BmE

But I couldn’t install the add-on as shown on the video. The indicator kept rolling for a very long time.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 5.53.40 PM

I tested the Vertical Metrics Manager without the add-on installed and it doesn’t seem to work. There’s no Macro window pop up at all. However, I also tested the highest/lowest script and the update glyph repository script. Both of them work fine.

It doesn’t pop up. The error message is written in the macro window also when it’s closed.

Hey mekkablue,
Strangely, the Vertical Metrics Manager is working today. But I’m still unable to install the add-on modules. I suppose that’s ok for now. I’ll upgrade to Glyph 3 after this project is done anyway.

Thanks again for all your help. :slight_smile:

Do you have a helper tool installed that monitors your Mac’s internet connections? There are malwares (e.g. MacKeeper) that pose as helper tools and then tries to hijack your internet connection. I ranted about it in this tutorial.

A way to find out is to watch what happens in Console.app when you press the Install Modules button.

Hi Mekkablue,

This may sound silly. But I can install the add-on modules today. Perhaps the only thing different from the other day is that I didn’t have as many apps opened when I tried to install the add-on modules.

Btw, I don’t have MacKeeper.

Anyway, thanks again for the reply. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @social and @mekkablue Hope our issue goes in the same track of this forum.

We applied the Vertical Metrics Manager and everything is/was working perfectly, however now we see an issue in Win (video uploaded–audio in spanish) when the typeface increase in size it grow mainly to the top-right but not centered.

We checked with other web fonts as Roboto, Source, S Francisco, and others; and they grow aligned to the horizontal center… (hope our english is good enough to explain) . Our questions are:

  1. Is there any parameter to fix this web behaviour?
  2. Are we applying wrongly Mekkablue’s script?
  3. Or… Could it be that the error is in the metric of the drawing?

Hope you guys can help us



What does that mean? Can you supply a screenshot?

We have replied by mail! hope you get it :slight_smile: