Webfont custom parameters in exports

3.1.1 (3136)

It seems that:

  • webfont only → remove postscript names
  • remove post names for web fonts → doesn’t remove postscript names

“Remove post names for webfonts” remove the names form the “post” table for ttf fonts.

Maybe we should rename the parameter to “Export names in post table” and use an empty checkbox.

Ah I thought it was short for postscript! Okay, makes sense.

Doesn’t solve my problem for exporting several sets of instances in one click with the proper set up for each format.

What exactly do you like to do?

I have a VF subfamily that needs to be exported in TTF and WOFF2, and a VF subfamily that needs to be exported in WOFF2 only; I want to be able to export both of them in one click (regardless of the export box setting) and have consistent results.

So I have:
SubFamily 1
→ Webfonts format: plain, woff2

SubFamily 2
→ Webfonts format: woff2
→ Webfonts only enabled

And I have only one set of instances working for both subfamilies thanks to the VF setting option. I would like to be able to have the webfonts only parameter also for the subfamily exporting plain TTF+WOFF2, but it applies to the plain TTF which is not good.

This is only the top of the iceberg regarding the export system that is always quite complex when working with foundries.

But in short:

  • Separating the formats in the export box is super annoying.
  • For static families, having to set up family stuff in each instances is super annoying.

I am happy to discuss it more in a call if you want cause it’s actually complicated to fully explain the situation by writing.

You can add a “Webfont Format” parameter to the instances and that will overwrite the setting in the dialog (just saw what the dialog still has the “eot” option. It has no effect).