Webfont Custom Parameters

Does anyone know what “Remove post names for webfonts”, “Webfont Formats” and “Webfont Only” does?

Thanks, L.

Yes. Send me a DM for an advance chapter of the handbook.

Also curious about the Webfont Only parameter. Is this supposed to produce something similar to Font Squirrel’s WebOnly™ setting for disabling desktop use? If not, are there plans for this option?


Okay. I exported a few test fonts with the Webfont Only parameter, but failed to notice a difference, as the TTFs could still be installed. How exactly does it work and what should I expect as result?


It means you cannot reverse engineer a WOFF to a TTF.



Did some further testing using one of the many webapps that convert font formats. I successfully converted a WOFF with the Webfont Only parameter, to a TTF that could still be installed for desktop use. Any thoughts?

How did you do it?

There was a problem with the parameter. I fixed it

Just confirmed. All is working in build 796.


TransType manages to convert to an installable TTF though. Using build 799.