Webfont export problem

Hi all,

I am on 2.6.2. (1261) trying to export a webfont with 3 instances. Two of them export correctly but one doesn’t. I don’t get any error message, just a “dong” sound.

What is the problem? Is this a bug?


We had a similar issue that was fixed in the latest builds. Can you try 1264?

I updated. Same issue. Two instances export, then dong sound, third instance is not exported. I have exported from a previous version from the same exact file all 3 of them without any problems.

Updated: OK. It is a feature issue; the dong sound should correspond to a popup message saying that the glyphs in a lookup/feature are not present in the file.

There is a problem with the instance but the error message is not displayed because the progress window is in the way. I’ll need to have a look at that but didn’t have time because of traveling.

I have this problem too… So what can I do for it?

I just fixed this. Will update tomorrow.

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