Webfont glyphs not displayed (only on some devices)

Hey everybody,

we are experiencing issues when using a webfont exported with Glyphs, and I was wondering if anybody here might be able to help. We don’t really have a clue what might be the problem, so I’m afraid I can’t give too much useful information. Let’s see…

The problem in short:
For a website we have created an icon-font that uses existing standard symbols as well as individual icons placed in the private use area. When icons are placed in the text, a class is assigned to the respective characters, referring to our webfont. This works on some devices, but on others the browser just shows the general icon for ”glyph not found“ (boxed question mark), although operating system etc. of the different devices (iMacs in this case) are basically identical. It also seems not to be a browser related issue, as it works or doesn’t work in all browsers on that specific device. Even weirder, this is not consistent throughout the website itself, meaning it works in some places on the website, but not on others, although the method used is exactly the same.

I know this is not much to go on, but maybe somebody has an idea, where we can look for errors?
Happy about any tip… Thanks! Lukas

Are you sure you are accessing the exact same font file? Had a similar issue recently and turned out that the font-face declaration still referred to an older export because of a capitalization error.

Sorry for the trouble, after extensive search we have discovered the problem, which was merely a coding error – the referenced class didn’t exist yet. facepalm

Still doesn’t make sense to me why it worked on some devices then as it shouldn’t have worked on all of them – but problem solved nevertheless. Is there a way to delete this thread? I’m afraid it won’t be much use to anyone else in the forum.

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