Webfont Kerning Issues

Hello! Ok, so I am working on the same font now that I have been on and off for six months. Am now in the testing phase.

I noticed when I upload my .otf to fontsquirrel for webfont conversion that some of the kerning seems off. Am I doing something wrong? Just a bit stumped.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Can you give more details? In what browser do you see the problems?

By off do you mean that the values are incorrect, or simply that kerning is not working? Because kerning does not work in most browsers.

The first question is: Does the kerning work in browsers before you converted it via FontSquirrel? If yes then the problem is with FontSquirrel and we can’t help much. If not then this probably doesn’t have anything to do with FontSquirrel.

Second question: Does the kerning work in TextEdit?

I am seeing the kerning issues in firefox. I’m seeing it using the demo that font squirrel generates. In that, it appears that the kerning is not working. It is working great in TextEdit. If the kerning is going to fail in various browsers would my best bet be to adjust the side bearings?


You should be able to get the kerning to work in most modern browsers. for some of them, it may require some special css…

You should always optimize the side bearings. The kerning is only there to fix some special combinations like “T” and “o”.

Thanks Georg, I’m going to fiddle with things and see if I can get some letter combos to turn out better.

Angie, are you aware that you can use a plain OTF as web font as well? For debugging purposes, I’d try this so you can see whether it is your original font that has the kerning problem.