Webfonts and zero-handles


I just exported webfont TrueType->WOFF/WOFF2 and noticed that some glyphs are malformed or incomplete. The reason is they have “zero-handles”, and, as I suppose, the process of converting bezier curves makes them look like this.

This is the first time I experience such behavior, all my previous exports were OK, despite I have many zero-handles.

I exported webfonts as OpentType/CFF, and webfonts are OK.

Should I strive for TrueType and Autohint?
What is the difference between OpenType/CFF and TrueType webfonts?
What do You suggest?

Zero handles are hard to convert to TT. So run the Fix Zero Handles plug-in before.

Why not to export as OpentType/CFF?

No problem with that, but there are still renderers that will have problems with zero handles.

The question of OTF or TTF for webfonts depends on the intended rendering environment and a bit in the font style. If need to make sure your font looks good on Windows in small sizes, you need TTF. If you target only mobile or it is a display font, OTF is better (as it gives smother rendering on windows).

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Yes!!! Thank You :smiley: