Webfonts are not working properly

I have a superfamily composed of three separate styles, split into three fonts (plus italics): One comprises a default Sans plus Grotesque style set, and there are two stand-alone fonts: default Sans plus the Grotesque option.
When generated as webfonts the main style combining the two options works, but the two other styles don’t. I’ve tried renumbering the versions and creation dates before generating but so far nothing solves the problem.
Please help.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to . I will have a look.

Thanks. I have sent the files.

Not sure I understand what the issue is. The files export fine for me and I do not see a difference between the WOFFs and the OTFs.

What do you mean by ‘working together’? How do you notice they are not working together?

I mean that when they are all loaded onto a web page only the J&H fonts show, but the other two styles just default to a sans or serif.

I don’t mean OTFs and woffs working together, just the woffs.

Which web page? The fonts are fine. The Webfont Test HTML works fine too.

It’s for a new page on my website. It must be something to do with a cache problem on the server. Will delete all fonts and start again.

Or something in the code?

Hint: export your webfonts and run the Webfont Test HTML script. Then steal the CSS code from the .html.