Weight indicator view problem

Hi, I just found a bug with the weight indicator. I can’t see it, just after I change the app size to full screen, and switch back to a different size. I just attach a screen recording to be more specific. I have some plus icons at the toolbox in header, but after switching back from full-size it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

That is a known issue. We thought we fixed it already. But It seems to be a bug in macOS12.

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Yes I use macOS12. Thanks for the quick reply.

Please update to the latest cutting edge version. Active it in Preferences > Updates.

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I use 3.0.3 (3091) I think this is the latest, isn’t it?

No, go to Preferences > Update and check “show cutting edge versions” and update again.

You’re right, thank you.

It works now, thank you again.