Weight problem

hi … i am having a small issue with the weight parameter
indesign is spinning up the light and the regular weight in the drop down menue … all the other weights are working fine

the first part is just the weight in the glyphs file

250 / thin
250 / thin italic
300 / light
400 / regular
300 / light italic
400 / regular italic
500 / medium
500 / medium italic
700 / bold
700 / bold italic
800 / black
800 / black italic
900 / ultra
900 / ultra italic

did you use lowercase style names?

Indesign uses more complex heuristics when building the menu. The weight value is just one part of it. And not every version does it the same way. Plus, it’s not fully documented, I’m afraid.

But do check your style name for typos, like an extra trailing space. And your style linking settings.

No, it’s not written in lowercase. The Style name for example is just “Thin”.
I also did the style linking and was searching here for other weight issue topics. It’s kind of weird and like you said not fully documented. Right now, i really do not know where the problem is.

If you want us to take a look at it, you can send your files to support at glyphsapp dot com.

thanks … i will do it