Weird behaviour with PUA glyphs

Something weird if happening to me, I have 4 PUA glyphs (some stand-alone-swashes) named them swashLeft,,, The 3rd of them do not appear on Illustrator, but does on Indesign. I don’t think it’s a cache problem as I tested to toggle the export checkbox on other gyphs of the “other” area and they appear/disappear correctly.
All excepted the… any ideas?

Another oddity is as I copy & paste a text containing these swashes from Illustrator to Photoshop, it works but then I can’t change the font style/weight (I select some of them in PSP but it reverts back to the pasted style). however I can change text’s size and colour (???)

Should I maybe call them [something].ss[xx]?

Can you send me the file please? I’ll have a look.

I had a look at your file. For glyphs to be accessible via the glyph palette in Adobe apps, you do not need to assign PUA codes. Just make sure they export. The problem is they will be inserted with their glyph IDs which makes them incompatible with other fonts because the same glyph ID will be a different glyph in a different font.

Assigning PUA codes only makes sense if people are supposed to be able to type it. But again, it will mess up the character stream, and users will not be able to change fonts or copy and paste the text they are setting without problems.

The best way to solve this is to actually build the .swsh glyphs, x.swsh y.swsh etc. but that kind of beats the purpose. The second best way is to add the separate swashes to the ornm feature by naming them, e.g., a.ornm b.ornm etc.

Or, if you are going to use a hack, it is probably best to introduce them as OT variants of punctuation, so they will be easier to sort out (through search and replace) for the user later.