Weird big chars at OTF export after Reverse Contours

Hey there.
Since the V3, I’ve experienced some troubles with the Remove Overlap error, like other users.
For me, this problem was related only to a dozen of chars.
I managed to solve this using “Reverse contours” manually on those chars.

But now when I export my instances using custom parameters, the chars in question are much bigger than the others :

(I’m using the 3044 version)

Are there any other users facing the same problem ?
Did you find any solution ?

Do you still see remove overlap problems in 3044? If so, can you send me the file?

For me, this file fails in 3044 with remove overlap: Test.glyphs (3.2 KB)

@florianpircher Add the missing extremum node and it works fine, after decomposing the two spires.

@GeorgSeifert using the 3044 :
Since I revered the contours of the trouble chars, the OTF export works without any alert, but the chars are bigger.
If I reverse them back, the export stopped with the “Something went wrong… remove Overlap” alert.

I tried to add extreme nodes, @George_Thomas, but it doesn’t help for me.
I found a solution :
I copy-pasted the chars in question in Illustrator and simplified their path a little.
Then I re-imported them in Glyphs.
THEN I applied the Reverse Contour filter.

And everything is exporting fine ! :sweat_smile: