Weird corrupting issue on export

Hi there, I’m pretty new to glyphsapp so I’m sorry is this is a dumb problem but it’s now happened twice on two separate fonts. On export I get a corruption on one or more glyphs at either small or large sizes. I’ve checked the glyph and there isn’t anything I can see.

I’d love some help!

You can see the e has corrupted in the attachment at a larger size but at a smaller size, it’s ok.

Have you exported as OTF or TrueType? Either way, it looks like a hinting problem.

I have tried both OTF and TTF, do you have any suggestion on how to fix the hinting issues? Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

I turned Auto Hint off and it did fix the problem, should I be doing something to fix it so I can have auto hint? Or doesn’t it matter?

It is VERY unlikely that both, the TrueType and OTF export had the same problem. How did you test this.

Please check your alignment zones and path directions. And remove all manual hints in the “e” (you might need to activate it in the View menu).

Which one was showing the corruption? Plus two big questions, and two recommended reads:

  1. Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

  2. This may also be a font cache problem. Read this please: