Weird curves in Adobe CC

This is weird: Some glyphs in a typeface I already delivered to a client are having some weird curves.

This problem only occurs in Adobe CC (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop — MacOs High Sierra, Version 10.13.6, Adobe CC 2018) if the font is installed by a fontmanaging-app. If the font is in the fonts-folder of the certain app, it’s working fine.
Any hints? Thx, m

Edit: The screenshot shows G, the G_r.liga and G_s.liga, which are made with components. Also weird is that the ligas work fine, the uppercase-G not.

This seems to be a bug in Illustrator. Dod you export as TrueType or OpenType? Can you try to change the start point?

We tried both, otf and ttf. Same result. We’ll try changing the start point. Thanks Georg.

Are you using a grid setting other than 1/1 in Font info > Other Settings > Grid Step/Subdivision?

Hallo Rainer, ich werd’ auch das versuchen. Danke für den Tipp! LG