Weird Handle Position Auto Correction Behavior

Hi, I’m new to Glyphs and I’ve been designing some kanji characters with slightly concave strokes (img1) with rounded corners. While moving the strokes, the near horizontal handles seem to snap horizontally (img2). I’m guessing the issue has something to do with smooth nodes since one side of the node has a perfectly horizontal handle and the other side is just slightly off from being horizontal (img3).

Below are some screenshots related to the problem.

(img1) The slightly concave strokes. I’ve made several strokes with varying concave-ness (?

(img2) After moving the strokes with arrow keys by 1 unit, the handles snap horizontally. Dragging the paths with mouse demonstrates the same behavior, but by typing position values to move, everything seems to be fine.

(img3) Details of the node.

Hope this is not a stupid question!
Thank you for your time! :grinning:

You can try to use Corner components. That makes the editing easier, too.

Or do the rounding on export with a filter in the instances.

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Sounds like more features to learn! (・ω・)ノ
Thanks for your suggestions and the timely reply!

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I think it will be worth it.

I had a look at it and fixed the problem.

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