Weird interpolation on variable font

Hi there.
Still working on my variable font, and as I said, I’m back :grin:

I made 2 masters to stretch the characters with a width axis.
And sometimes the interpolation goes nuts… But Glyphs doesn’t say anything about those glyphs : no red alert or incompatible masters…
What can I do to solve it ?

Where is that? Indesign?

Hi @GeorgSeifert no it’s not Indesign: I understood that that sofware wasn’t the best tool to test variable fonts ! :sweat_smile:
This screen capture was made in Illustrator. The result is exactly the same in Photoshop or Axis Praxis…

Can you send me the file?

Done ! (Gylphs support)
Thanks @GeorgSeifert !

I found the problem and am on it.

For now, add this parameter to the font settings: Variable Font Optimize Deltas and uncheck the checkbox.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert , glad you found a solution.
But I don’t find this custom parameter…
Here is what I got :

Just paste the fill string into the search field and press “Ajouter”.

Great ! It works for “€” and “¢” but I still have a problem with I.cv01 et J.cv01

They stretch as I slide the variable axis, but as soon as I release the mouse, they come back to the regular value.

Where do you see that behavior?

In Illustrator, but I found the solution !
Since I add the substitition functions for those .cv01 in the font Infos, everything is fine :grin:
So thanks again for your help, @GeorgSeifert
So It’s #resolved !

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