Weird-looking i dot in web browser & diacritics sticking out of AI text box

The dots over my i’s and j’s appear outside of the text box in Adobe apps. I suspect this to be because of my metrics, but i can’t seem to fix it. The web developer using the font, have problems with the dots ‘disappearing’ or simply just showing as a placeholder in webdesign. Could this be related?

Again many thanks. Love the support on this forum!

Not sure I understand. What is it supposed to look like and what does it look like?

If metrics is the problem, have a look at the Vertical Metrics tutorial and follow the Webfont Strategy.

Can you show a screenshot of the i in Glyphs and in the app?

It looks as it is supposed to, the i’s and j’s just seem to ‘stick’ out over the textbox. And when the webdesigner uses it, there is a problem with not showing the dots. But this might be fixed with the webfont strategy? I will start by having a look at the Vertical Metrics tutorial, thanks!

Yes, here is a screenshot from Illustrator. Below is a screenshot forwarded to me by the webdesigner - this is what i mean by the dots showing as ‘placeholders’ on web. The web guy specified that it is only on Chrome with iOS Big Sur + Edge and Chrome with Windows 10, there is problems.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 15.31.30

As i am a new user, im only allowed one picture, so here is the screenshot from Glyphs.

I dont think i have expressed myself very clearly. I apologise for that.

I have two issues, the metrics and the browser problem, which is really not related to the questions i had about OTF import. Would it be better if i made a new topic for these questions? Either way i would have to detail the problems i am having in a more clear way.

In principle: yes. Think of other users who have a similar question, and may be searching the forum. If it is two closely related questions, it may make sense to keep them in one topic. I will go ahead and split the topic for you.

In its default setting, AI calculates the first baseline offset with the height of your lowercase d. If you do not like that, you have two options: either the user changes the setting, or you change your lowercase d. For details, see the Vertical Metrics tutorial that dedicates a whole chapter to this topic (towards the end).

First of all, thanks for sorting out my topic.

My problem is that the dots are not showing properly in browsers when the font is installed in a webdesign. My thinking is, that this might be related to the fact that the dots are sticking out of the box in Adobe apps. And so i thought it was fixable through the metrics panel in Font Info. But it might be more complex than so?

When you say change the the lowercase d, is that the ‘lowercase d hack’ that is mentioned in ‘Layered Color Font tutorial’? Or should i instead try following the Webfont Strategy from the Vertical Metrics tutorial? Or a combination of both?

For info, my font is a modular font consisting of square forms. I have only one master. Thanks in advance!

The one does not exclude the other.

The dot display in the web browser is certainly unrelated to the vertical metrics. Can you send me the .glyphs file?

can you send me the file that I can have a look at the i-dot?

I had some help from a colleague, who helped me to put in custom parameters for the vertical metrics - this seems to have done the job! At least the web developer does not have the weird dots anymore.

If you still want, i can send the file - there might be something else that we have overlooked?

If you still have the “broken” file and a html file that shows the problem I’ll have a look.