Weird naming in variable fonts name table

Hi there! Sorry if someone already raise this question, but I can’t find it on the forum. I use the Variable Font setting in Glyphs3. I put “VF” as name because I want the font named “FontName VF”. But When I look at the name table I see that the namerecord 16 still use the original font name without the VF addition. But the namerecord 17 uses the name input in the “name” field of the Variable Font Setting ( aka ‘VF’). Depending of the software the fonts is called either FontName or FontName VF, which is a problem.

Maybe (probably) I’m missing the logic behind it. But I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just remove these 2 namerecords from VF.

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Are you using the Localized Family Names parameter? Your setup should look like this:

Yes, but I ended with name ID 1 as “FontName VF Regular”. And I didn’t want style name in the font name. But otherwise it works best indeed. So I assume it’s the correct way to do it. Maybe there is a reason the name record 1 has a style name in VF? Thanks for you answer!

In which software is the family name not disaplyed correctly? Is this software able to deal with variable fonts?

Well I was thinking of the FontBook because the font used the name ID 16 (FontName without the ‘VF’ part I put in the name field) while all the style used the “FontFamily VF” naming. But it’s less a bug than an issue in the name table of course.