Weird pasting text bug

If I select and Copy the following text in TextEdit


then paste these into an edit tab in Glyphs, the paste only pastes the first 6 glyphs: it stops after the /ringpoint and before the /slash.

I actually discovered this pasting from Glyphs to Glyphs: selecting those glyphs in my font (they form a single row in my Font tab) and copying them, then pasting into an edit tab has the same effect.

Making a new tab with those glyphs selected works fine: that is, going to Font tab, selecting that row, then pressing Command-T to make a new tab.

I can paste them from Glyphs into TextEdit just fine (that is in fact, how i got them into TextEdit and how i’m making this post).

For clarity, the glyph names are /bullet/asterisk/dottedobelos/numbersign/questionreversed/ringpoint/slash/backslash/tildedotabove/tilderingabove

(Geneva font has all of these glyphs by the way)

The slash is used to mark a glyph name when pasting into an Edit View tab. This means, that you can also copy and paste the text


into Edit View. However, the slash in •*⸓#⸮⸰/\⸞⸛ is also interpreted as such a glyph name indicator and thus Glyphs tries to insert a glyph named \⸞⸛ (which it does not find and thus nothing is pasted after •*⸓#⸮⸰).

Instead, try pasting this in Edit View:


The // is considered by Glyphs as a single slash. In fact, copy


from an Edit View tab and you will actually get


ready to be pasted into another tab.

I guess all of the above is fine when pasting from a pure text-based app (like

But at least when pasting from Glyphs to Glyphs, glyphs should put a fully slashed form into the clipboard and use that preferentially (or cut and paste GSLayer objects). Glyphs is in control of both the cut and the paste.

It does, that is what my last sentence is about.

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Ah, right. Yes, Glyphs gets this right when pasting from and Edit View to another Edit View. I probably would’ve noticed much sooner if it had a bug there.

But it doesn’t get it right when pasting from the Font tab to an Edit View.

The actual original case where i spotted this was when i was pasting the entirety of my Exported Glyphs filter, some 388 glyphs for the current font. It was basically luck that i noticed a few glyphs were missing. And even more luck that a couple of those missing glyphs were actually problems that needed reviewing and i otherwise would’ve missed.

I see, the slash is not escaped when copying from Font View.

yeah, i tried to “simplify” it by involving TextEdit, but given what i now know about the slash escaping, i’m not sure that was a good idea.

Until this is fixed, you can right-click a selection in Font View and choose Slashed from Copy Glyph Names. See:

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Or simply Cmd-T (or double click) in Font view.