Weird selection behaviour and hand tool gets stuck

Mouse selection doesn’t work properly it tries to select the left outer side of the glyph. After that happened when I press the spacebar hand tool gets stuck and cannot switch to select tool by pressing V. Selection only can be activated by mouse click over the tool and the strange selecting behaviour continues. To solve this I have to click the Text tool then it acts normally.

I guess this happens when I use external monitor switching between two different files.
Also sending the screen cast via e-mail.

Just to be sure: you are using a mouse? Or a tablet?

Yes I am using a mouse

Which plug-ins do you have installed?
Does it happen if you start without plug-ins? (Hold down Opt+Shift when starting the app.)

I’ve just spent quite some time without plugins. For now, there is only hand tool gets stuck and after pressing to spacebar for one or more times fixed it. I’ll look more for other errors.

Installed plug-ins:

  • Curve Equalizer
  • Insert Inflections
  • Italic Extremes
  • Kern-A-Lytics
  • Kernkraft
  • Red Arrow
  • Reporter Toggler
  • Show Center Lines
  • Show Crosshair On Select
  • Show Distance And Angle in Corner
  • Show Kerning Values
  • Show Label Color
  • Show Next Font
  • Show Node Count
  • Show Nodes Close To Zones
  • Show Smart Plumblines
  • Show Stem Thickness
  • Show Tops and Bottoms
  • Show Zero-Width Glyphs
  • Space Bar
  • Touché
  • Trace Image
  • Variable Font Preview 3
  • Word-o-Mat

OK, uninstall and bring back the plug-ins systematically to find out which plug-in interacts badly.

About the stuck hand tool: can you double check and verify your Accessibility settings? Especially any of the keyboard settings.

What should I see? None of the features are activated in there.

There is a setting called sticky keys, for instance. But any of the other settings can interfere as well.

  • Do you have more than one input device attached to your Mac?
  • Can you reproduce the issues in a different user?