What about a to-do panel?

I had an idea. There can be a lot of tasks to tick off when fontmaking, and it would be nice to have that information stored inside the font, rather than working from .txt files or emails. I know there’s the functionality for annotations inside specific glyphs. My idea would be to have a simple panel below transformations in which tasks can be entered (and bold/italic would be helpful) and then have a tick box next to each task that can be checked when done. That way you could see the outstanding tasks without searching inboxes, post-it notes, moleskines and .txt files. Would this be possible?


Ben, there’s already (ok, just simple text) panel for Font / Glyph note.

Awesome, I hadn’t seen that. How do you display it? Seems like it should be easy to extend its functionality.

Boom - exactly what I wanted. Is this a plugin?

It obviously is a plug in, and I forgot it. :slight_smile:

Yes but I need to update it. @ermin if you experience crashes, it is probably these plugins :slight_smile:

@mekkablue Smart move amigo :wink:

@mekkablue where can I find this plugin?

I will upload it soon.

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Hopeful little bump.

Like this:

Well, I’d prefer it in the right-hand palette/panel thing otherwise it’s a bit hidden.

Seeing not only what needs to be done, but when collaborating, what the other person has done, would be nice.

I really prefer to have it visible all the time, or somewhere I don’t need to switch around windows (hence the palette or floating window).


I agree with Tosche.

Something of this is already available?
I like the big panel with markdown for general font notes but maybe the little to-do panel is better for glyphs.

Would the todo panel be per glyphs or per font?

As with Erich’s plugin, both are useful.

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Both are useful, we have already notations tools for a glyphs. For sure, todo panel is useful.

If someone could make a sketch one how it should look?

I like the image that Ermin posted of Erich’s plugin. It would allow a font-wide to-do list, so we could note tasks that need to be done (and with check boxes it would also allow us to see what has been done). I like having the glyph note visible there too, with the same functionality. If possible bold and italic would be useful, as they’d allow differentiation between outline notes, metrics notes and/or production notes (e.g. fix overshoot, check kern group, use this glyph for language x)

Annotations within a glyph seem to be better suited to particular areas of the outlines, good for pointing out bumpy paths or other specific critique.