What are the dotted lines in Master Compatibility?

The purple dotted lines are a bit confusing, what do they signify? There are three anchors on every master.


Maybe there is an anchor only in one master?

Like I said, there’s exactly three anchors on every master. Those are connected by the solid green lines. Here on another glyph:

can you run Path > Tidy up Paths

That didn’t have any effect unfortunately

Can you send me that file?

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Is the glyph used as a component in any other glyphs? What happens if you run

for l in Layer.parent.layers:
    for a in l.anchors:

The lines are showing on every glyph.

Running that script produces this:

Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 12.06.30

Traversing anchors (inside the components) maybe? They shouldn’t show up in compatibility view though.

Those extra lines are the anchors for the italic masters that are drawn with the wrong offsets. I fixed it.

Ah phew, glad there was an explanation! Thanks Georg :smiley: