What caused this “mark" after reinstalling a font

I used to report a problem with naming here,

and apprantly some changes have been made.
After reinstalling a font newly exported, i found the “mark” in ps. I didn’t change the export name, but it’s not recognized in PS, leaving a mark there, regarding it as no-existing font.
Of course, if i click on it, it will be recognized, and the mark will be gone
For lower version of Glyphs, there is no such problem.


I think this icon means that Photoshop can’t find the font that was used to render the layer. It might be a slight change in the name table. It should only appear once with the new font. Can you compare the name table of the original and the new font?

I compared the name table. They are exactly the same. Wired.

Maybe photoshop just realized that the font was updated.