What is an efficient way to transform entire font


I need to scale up my entire font by 5%.
What is an efficient way to do that?

The font contains more than 600 glyphs and cursive anchors are used in most of the glyphs.

Thanks and regards.

You can use the UPM adjustment for this. Use the button next to the UPM files to scale the whole font to a new UPM size and then change the value back to the original value (not using the button, of cause).

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Thanks @GeorgSeifert for the reply.

Please help with the math.
Current UPM size is 2048, 5% of which is 102.4.
So, the new UPM should be 2150, right?

Then I revert back to 2048.



Thanks a lot @GeorgSeifert

You saved my day, actually lots of days of manual works.

I tried the method and it just worked.