What is »note« in MergeGlyphs?

When I compere two fonts in MergeGlyphs, many glyphs differ only in »note«. In one Font almost every glyph has it’s own name as »note«, some have »afixxxxx« as »note«. What does the »note«-difference mean?

Each glyph has a field that is called note. It can contain any text. Some function put the original glyph names in there when you imported the font.

How can I delete these fields in Glyphs.app?

There is a plugin that shows the notes or run this script in the Macro Panel:

for g in Font.glyphs:
    g.note = None

When I run the scipt nothing happens. What does it do?
And what’s the name of the plugin and where can I find it?

The script clears all of the glyph notes in your current font.

For the Glyph Note plugin Georg mentioned, open the Window > Plugin Manager and search for note and you’ll see it there. Select INSTALL and restart Glyphs to use it. fyi.

The Plugin Manager, of course.
Some things are so obvious, that I can’t see them. :star_struck: