What is the best way to add weight to masters in a two-axis variable font?

I have been working on a two-axis variable font with weight and width axes. So far I have used the same stem width in the condensed and extended masters (Light Condensed – Light Extended: 50, Black Condensed – Black Extended: 185). However, the weight doesn’t look correct when the different widths are compared side by side.

In order to achieve a more balanced Black Extended I would need to add a lot of weight (from 185 to about 250 in stem width). The Light Extended would also need some weight to be more uniform (from 50 to about 62 in stem width)

What would be the best way do this? Apart from time travelling?

That is what the Remix-Tools are good for. The price pays itself rather quickly.

Thank you Georg. I actually have Remix-Tools, but I probably haven’t put it to optimal use yet.

How would you suggest to use it in this case? Add weight with RMX Scaler?

I mostly use the Tuner (to adjust individual letters). But in this case the Scaler will be very helpful.

Thanks, I will look into it!

Is there any caveats to working with the tool I should be aware of?

Also, how should I take into consideration that the design space should be rectangular in a variable font? Just change the weight value of the condensed masters to match the extended and forget its relation to stem width?

Only applies to the designspace coordinates.

Thank you, Rainer.

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