What is the best way to do this FL's bezier tweaking (SHIFT+click)

Hi There,

I am really accustomed to ‘massage’ bezier extreme points by moving points along their axis while clicking SHIFT, which allows me to move the point while leaving the handlers untouched (see animation).
In Glyphs, ALT seems to do the same but the problem is it does not fix the points in its axis and it is very easy to move it from its place in the wrong direction. I’ve tried different key combinations but I couldn’t get it right. Can you give me some advice?


Just hold down the option key. Works with the keyboard and the mouse.

Thanks, now I got it right. The problem was the node was a square one, then you could move the point in X and Y.

Think of Opt-moving as moving the node without moving the handles. If it is a (green) curve node, it will be constrained to the angle between the handles. If it is a (blue) corner node, you can move it freely.

OTOH, Opt-moving a handle constrains its angle.