What is this section called on the letter?


Could anyone tell me what this part is called?
Is it called something special when you open it up more to get more air?


Ink trap.

Thank you, very much.

That part of a letter I would call a “crotch.” If the contours are altered to allow more white that alteration would be called an “ink trap.”


+1 yes, it’s only an ink trap if there is some kind of compensation to avoid clogging. I don’t see any trapping here: ‘B’ and ‘n’ have notches/crotches as integral and necessary parts of the letterforms.

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Maybe it should be called a digital trap if no Ink is involved!

The term ink trap is appropriate when using the font on the printed page. During the photocomposition era these adjustments to the designs were often called light traps due to the difference in technology. Same principle. It’s just an adjustment to offset increased weight at the intersection.