What real word has the highest ascender?


I am trying to test a font, and although I can see some latin characters have 2 accents on top of each other Ǻ, they are never used on any words.

Does anyone ever encountered a reason to include this chars on a font?


Latin Vietnamese uses them.

Check out this thread:

My conclusion is that unnecessarily screws up vertical metrics if you target at European languages.

Just asked ChatGPT: it returns examples with aring, saying it’s usually spelled that way anyway.

Uppercase Aring and lowercase lacute are good candidates. Check for double accents in Pinyin or Vietnamese, if you have those in your glyph set. The usual suspects would be something with brevetilde or dieresiscaron.

I was wondering about “words” not chars.

You can look up words with a given character using something like this.

huuuu, thanks!