What the best way to open an *italic* UFO from Robofont

Hi there,

When I open in Glyphs an UFO from an italic master created in Robofont, I need to manually re-set the sidebearings to match what it was done in RF. Is there a better way to import the correct sidebearings from this kind of UFOs?


If you have an italic angle other than zero, the editing boxes are slanted around half x-height. You can set the italic angle to 0 to get the closest representation of the coordinate system.

I’ve set the UFO’s italic angle to zero (in Glyphs) then open it again (in Glyph) and the side bearing values are still wrong when I try to copy the glyphs to the final master.

The side-bearings are calculated on a slanted bounding box. The box is slanted at half x-height. I don’t know what robofont is doing but if they use a slanted bounding box, it might be that they slant on the base line. That would mean that all metrics are shifted by some tan(italicAngle) * (xHeight / 2).

If you are happy with the spacing of the letters, you can just ignore the different numbers of the side-bearings.

If you have some glyphs that are spaced in glyphs already and you need to match the new glyphs to them, you need to shift them by the value mentioned above.

If something else is going on, you need to explain it in more detail.