Whats up with "Compare Family"

Something goes wrong with “Compare Family/Glyphs”. It shows the wrong glyphs and sometimes a red “no parking” sign…
Pressing “update” switches the glyphs randomly

Any Ideas?

(3.1 (3133))

Ok, like always, you need an evidence.

Glyphs Bug-4

What’s up with this tone? No point getting grantig.

I am sorry. it was not meant to bother anyone. I just thought it would be better to have a clear evidence, because descriptions have sometimes interpretive problems. And a little animated gif could make it easier to understand, because I would really like to have it work.

Can you send me that file?

It occures with every font, I have tried. The one in the video is Apple’s San Francisco.

But it shoes the correct glyph on window size change… and sometimes back to wrong on new change. strange thing.