Where are the quotation marks?

I’m sure this is a silly question… But I’m having trouble finding where the quotation marks are at in Glyphs. I thought they were “quotedblleft” and “quotedblright”, but when I test my typeface in the program or elsewhere by clicking the quotation mark button, nothing appears. “quotesingle” as an apostrophe works though. I’m probably just using the wrong glyphs (punctuation—> quote —> quotedblright & quotedblleft) so if someone could tell me the right ones to use, I’d appreciate it!

Just typing the quote or double quote mark will only get you the ascii single or double quote. In Glyphs, to get typographer’s quotes, use Option-Bracketleft or Option-Shift-Braceleft. The opposite glyph is accessed by using the same keystrokes but use Bracketright/Braceright instead.

For a program outside of Glyphs, make sure “Use Typographer’s Quotes” (or similar verbiage) in Prefs is turned on – if the program supports it.

Thanks a ton George, that helped me!