Where can I download Glyphs 2.4.4?

Hi there,

I need to work on Glyphs 2.4.4 with a colleague who has problems with the latest builds (with Arabic glyphs).
Can you point from where I can download it?


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This should still work:

Can he/she tells us what the problems are?

I’ve tried it and all I got was:

File Glyphs2.4.4.zip not found!

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Hi Ramiro,

Try here


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Thanks! Now we’re talking.

If you have specific problems with 2.5, please try the latest cutting edge version. I fixed a lot of the problems already

I am not having serious problems (besides the fact the paste special never works well for metrics, etc) but I am working with a designer of Arabic fonts who complains about the newest versions of Glyphs messing his files.

I would like to know about those problems (otherwise I can’t fix them :wink:

OK, I’ll tell him to get in touch