Where have the zone deltas gone?

[Edit: Never mind. Found them!]

Seems that now they are only shown/available for the master specified in “Get Hints From Master”? That makes sense.

Also: Is there any documentation for the “globe” button?

A tutorial is in the works.

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Just one thing I noticed: In the zone hinting matrix, I can only see the first 10½ instances (i.e. columns) and if I scroll right, I cannot see the pixel sizes any more and it becomes hard to navigate. It would be great if the px labels did not scroll away, or if there was another px label column inserted every 10 columns, and at the end. Plus, maybe grouping the rows, or with alternating background. Anything that helps my eyes find their way.

Does it? Light and Black normally need different zone deltas to keep the x-height in sync with regular. Zone deltas should not be inherited. Deltas in general are master specific.

Not sure we are talking about the same thing.

As far as I understand, in Glyphs, zone deltas are only possible for instances – you cannot set them for masters. In that sense, it makes sense to have the “entry point” to the dialogue (in which the columns are the instances) only through the main hinting master. Strictly speaking, that data is not connected to any master.

Correct, while you access the stem & zone deltas through the master tab (because this is where you set the TT zones and TT stems), in the UI that pops up, you edit them for each instance.

I see, thanks. But from a practical point of view I would like to see how the instance rounds to grid and then try and decide right there if a zone delta is needed.

You mean, FontLab style? :wink: I agree, that’s a very convenient UI, simply dragging that little marker on the zone itself.

Too bad FontLab never managed to put zones and zone deltas properly in the ttf. Even FontLab 6 took over those bugs. (From the overshoot suppression release size on, top and bottom of a zone round independently to the grid, and overshoots become awfully inconsistent. I’ve reported this bug regularly over the last decade, but because the tt code was done externally, and really long ago, it never got fixed)