Where's Export Path custom parameter?

I was reading through the list of custom parameters in the handbook and I could not find Export Path in the app. Was the omission of the parameter intentional? It’s not that I need it, just want to know what happened.

In the 2.2 handbook, it is on p. 175.

Edit: oops sorry, don’t know how I pulled this off, but I read it exactly the other way around.

I think he found the parameter in the handbook but not on the list of parameters in the app. It doesn’t seem to be implemented.

Exactly, I found the mention in the handbook but not in the application itself.

Also related to the handbook-app difference, I noticed that I cannot generate vrt2 feature no matter what suffix I use. What’s the right suffix(es) for this now?

edit: Sorry, I noticed .vert creates vrt2 feature, but this is counterintuitive. Vert should be vertical upright, and vrt2 should be vertical rotated.

Coming back on this topic, is this parameter available?
I would need it but don’t find it in the list.
Thanks for the help!

AFAIK it is not implemented, because it did not really make sense as a custom parameter. What do you need it for?

To export trials fonts in another folder than adobe fonts (in a single export).

What would happen if you store the full path and then move the file to a different machine where the folder structure is different? I could think of supporting relative paths from the .glyphs file or add a subfolder to the already set export paths. What would be more useful?

Great idea!
A subfolder to the already set export paths would be perfect!

I suggest you set up a folder action to do that. Makes more sense and it transfers more easily to other machines.

You could probably also use an alias/symlink for the subfolder so that the actual folder can be placed somewhere else and also in different locations on different machines.

I setup a folder action, which works great!
Thanks for your advices!