Which computer should glyphs be equipped with?

Which MAC does glyphs come with at least? Will MAC studio make glyphs more efficient to use?

Any Mac that runs at least macOS 10.9.5, better 10.14 or later, will run Glyphs 3. You do not need a high performance machine for Glyphs, but of course, the faster the Mac is, the faster Glyphs will run.

I need to deal with 90000 characters of huge font, so ask this.

Which is the main CPU or GPU for glyphs? operation?

You really don’t need a fancy computer. All macs that came out in the last 5 years or so are fine. The mac Studio is most certainly overkill. Get a good screen and a baseline mac mini. Or any of the M1 MacBooks. If you go for the 16", don’t get the M1 Max, it will not make a difference in Glyphs, only costs more and has less battery live.

Get a good screen and a baseline mac mini.