Which way is better to categorize glyphs for this idea?

I work on a font with 2 sets of uppercase letters; see the image below -
I’m sure that I want the big set of letters to work like all caps font and smaller set to be as a ‘feature’. So It seems to me that it’s correct to have the smaller set as small caps…

But I have these alternates of R K Q with tails that go under the baseline and they work equally ok with big and small sets. So you can type like this -
I’m not sure what to do with alternates of R K Q… keep them as is or …make tons of ligatures :roll_eyes: which I feel isn’t correct. So with this in mind is it still correct to have small caps or it’s better to make uppercase and lowercase? I’m so confused!

If you have any suggestions of how to make this idea work correctly I’d really appreciate your help :sparkling_heart:

You can avoid that if you use contextual alternates. There is a tutorial about them.

I’ve totally used contextual alternates (did it as 1 code line!!) and it gave me some good ideas. Thank you so much! :cherry_blossom:

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