While I wait for the app store - is there a workaround?


I got half of a font done with the trial and purchased Glyphs Mini on Feb 5th, only to find it couldn’t import the rest of the SVGs I’d made. After I posted a couple times about it on the forum I think Georg fixed this bug sometime in March but the App Store update is…still…pending… so I’ve been sitting on the folder of finished glyph SVGs for more than four months (!) unable to do anything with them.

Georg, I remember you saying it had something to do with the particular nature of the SVGs that potrace/Inkscape generate? Based on how it fails, I’m guessing this maybe has to do with the “transform” attribues on the elements? Is this true? Is there something I can do to the SVGs to get them to work? A quick google search revealed this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5149301/baking-transforms-into-svg-path-element-co mmands

Also if there’s some number I can call to yell at Apple on your behalf, please let me know (:

can you write me an eMail?