White Layer in a Layered Color Font

As a beginner in Creating a Layered Color Font I am very satisfied with the results so far.

But what If i need the background to be white? White as really white. All attempts to define a white result in transparent layers.


But I really need a white layer, as the lower example in the screenshot above shows. Thanks for your support!

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Thanks for helping me with this, Georg!
The file contains the uppercase ā€œGā€ for testing only.

vrdt.glyphs (10.8 KB)

  1. You need to define a white color in the palette:

  1. You need to have two color layers, in this order:
  • first, the black rectangle as Color 0 or Color 1 (both are defined as black in your palette, not sure why you have the same color twice in there);
  • secondly the white G with the color index we just defined, in this case Color 3:


Then it works, here is a screenshot in InDesign with a cyan circle in the background:


PS: pssst, consider correcting your path directions: select all glyphs, hold down Opt (Alt) while you choose Paths > Correct Path Directions for all Masters.

Thanks mekkablue, that helped and it works right now. Defining colors is for WHITE only or all used colors?

Any color you want to use in a CPAL/COLR font (or an SVG color font derived from a CPAL/COLR setup) needs to be defined in a color palette. Take a look at the color font tutorials to find out more.