White where characters overlap in InDesign

Hi, I have made a script font which works perfectly in the glyphs preview, there are no white areas where characters overlap, so I assume the path directions are OK?

But when I use the font in InDesign and zoom in, where lines of different characters overlap with the adjacent, there overlaps are white… but only on some characters… is this to do with the path direction in glyphs before export? Weird thing is, there are no white patches when zoomed out (and still big enough to see that there would be)

I went through the other posts with overlap in them but didn’t find an answer for this thanks very much. Glyphs is great!

Some of the path directions are incorrect. You can only see it in InDesign when you zoom in.

Some of the path directions are incorrect.

Sometimes overlaps render white in Indesign regardless of path direction, albeit not at all zoom sizes. It’s a defect in Cooltype.

Just activate the remove overlap option at export.

Thanks for the responses guys much appreciated. I tried remove overlap on export but it didn’t make a difference… but when I looked carefully I noticed it was the same characters which were causing the problem each time. Correcting the path direction on those characters fixed the white overlaps when I exported the font again. Works now zoomed in any amount. Seems strange though as usually those white overlaps are apparent in the Glyphs preview if the path direction is wrong.

Aside - the problem before wasn’t just a visual rendering problem (which was a surprise because of the zoom in and out displaying differently), if I converted those characters with the white overlaps to outlines, the white overlap sections were outlines as well.

Anyway, correcting the path direction of the suspect glyphs and re-exporting solved the problem thanks.