Whole Font Design Process

Hello there.

Sorry if this question already exist. I did’t find it in the search.
I’m new to designing fonts and I was wondering about the process of designing a font. Is there any checklist of designing a font? In example I’m not sure if I need any coding skills with glyphs at all, since you can generate features automatically.

Im looking for something like:

  1. Draw the Letters/spacing/kerning
  2. Draw all the Accents/numbers/generate accent letters/ligatures etc.
  3. Generate features…

Something like a list of a proper/professional type design process.


There are books (like the one by @Martina_Flor) and there are workshops for that. On this website, we can get you started and there are tutorials, and if you scroll down a little on that page, there are some tutorials listed under Basics.