Why are kern groups unlocked? How do i fix it?

Im using the full version of glyphs 2. I spaced and kerned my font and then decided to add ligatures and just put the ligatures in the same kern group as the other letters but then i find out all the kern groups are unlocked. Why?
This would take a ridiculous amount of time to go through and lock every kern group so that my ligatures work. Is there some way i can just get them all to lock without going through and locking them all?

And if someone can please explain in clear english why this happens that would be great so that i can avoid it in the future because i have had this issue with a couple of my fonts now and i don’t understand it.

Its like a random selection of which kern groups are locked or unlocked and i did nothing to make them either be locked or unlocked .

I dont get it.

Just compress kerning or delete the exceptions in the Kerning window.

You create group kerning by default if groups are set already at the time of kerning. Exceptions happen when you kern before you have groups set.

Perhaps there is a misunderstanding. You do not lock or unlock groups as such. The lock symbol applies only to the current pair. An opened lock means it is an exception. You get the best overview in Window > Kerning.


> Exceptions happen when you kern before you have groups set.

Is there a way to apply the exception to the kerning group after a group has been set up?

I have added kerning and then increased the glyph set. This has resulted in a kerning group being required where there wasn’t one before. So I need to apply what was a singleton kern to a group. Is there a way top turn the padlocks on, or do I have to manually go through each pair and click on the padlock to apply it?

That is what the “Compress” command in the gear menu of the kerning panel is for.

Don’t know – never used it.
I’ll take a look on a backup of the font

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